3 Key Business Challenges Solved by a CASB Solution

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Written by Vamshi Sriperumbudur

The right CASB can offer solutions to data protection and compliance challenges that customers are confronted with everyday. Three most common issues customers face are:

  1. Not having visibility into unsanctioned cloud applications
  2. Challenge

    We often hear from our customers that when they migrate to the cloud they lose visibility of sensitive and regulated data. It is critical to understand the entirety of your shadow IT environment.

    The CipherCloud cloud access security broker (CASB) platform helps you gain insight through a cloud knowledge base system where you can compare risk profiles from security and privacy, compliance, and an infrastructure point of view. CipherCloud monitors different user activities in the cloud giving visibility and assessing risk. Lastly, our CASB platform provides anomaly detection and protection for geo-anomalies, excessive downloads, and others.

  1. Protecting data in my cloud applications

  2. Challenge
    Many organizations have a data centric view of what it means to mitigate their risk in the cloud by monitoring and controls. However, if you do not have basic capabilities or methods like encryption and tokenization to protect data, you are at risk. We understand you want secure data without having to stress about a damaging data breach.

    CipherCloud provides protection through malware detection, advanced encryption, and tokenization. Our CASB platform allows customers to protect both structured and unstructured data using the APIs of native cloud providers. Moreover, our platform also offers an in-line gateway model, which ensures the strictest levels of security and compliance for regulated industries.

    With the CipherCloud platform, you are able to mix and match tokenization and encryption methods. You have the option to have some fields tokenized, while other fields encrypted, based upon your data processing needs and your compliance requirements.

  1. Ensuring seamless end-user experience with cloud data protection

  2. Challenge
    Enterprises need to enforce extensive data controls on sanctioned clouds for their business activities in order to maintain compliance. Too little data encryption and your data is not protected, too much encryption and your business workflows are bogged down. And even the right amount of data encryption may not preserve business functionality and workflows.

    CipherCloud helps you encrypt or tokenize just the right amount of cloud data, which is usually sensitive data such as bank routing numbers, national ID numbers, home address, etc.

    CipherCloud is unique in delivering the highest levels of security, while preserving the functionality of encrypted data and the user experience. Active Encryption maintains the functionality of encrypted data for searching, sorting, reporting, and a wide range of third-party tools. CipherCloud is also the only vendor to support automated workflows, triggers, bulk IT operations and other business-critical operations.

    Tokenization maintains the format of your data and preserves the functionality of your cloud applications. CipherCloud maps the protected data to the substitute tokens and uses this mapping to seamlessly support searching, sorting, or reporting on protected data. Tokenization preserves the formatting of fixed-field data such as credit cards, social security numbers or phone numbers.

Learn more about the CipherCloud CASB solution, check out the Gartner: Market Guide for Cloud Access Security Brokers.

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