3 Data Privacy Risks of Not Utilizing Encryption for Salesforce Chatter

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Written by Michael Higashi


We live in the age of social media, which has even penetrated the enterprise. Enterprise collaboration platforms like Salesforce Chatter have had a strong impact on the way teams do business, enabling employees to connect, communicate, and collaborate faster and more efficiently than ever before. But organizations must remember to protect their Salesforce Chatter communications just as they protect the rest of their cloud data. If you’re not using encryption for Salesforce Chatter, your data privacy and regulatory compliance could be at risk. Here are three reasons why.

Risk #1: Compliance violations arising from unauthorized users viewing sensitive data

Sharing and collaboration are critical to teamwork and business, but are all your employees clear on who’s authorized to see certain data and who isn’t? Or is there a chance that some of them might, with the best intentions, share sensitive  information too freely? Giving unauthorized users access to sensitive information will endanger your data privacy and put you out of compliance faster than you can say “But they were only trying to help!”

Applying encryption for Salesforce Chatter with strict user access controls that drill down to individual data field types can help prevent unauthorized employees from accessing sensitive data. If an unauthorized user accesses your data, they will only see gibberish, keeping you in the clear.

Risk #2: Compliance violations through undeleted data

One of the most important requirements of both data privacy and regulatory compliance is to keep only the data that’s absolutely necessary, and only for as long as it’s truly needed. Once a piece of data has reached its expiration date, it should be deleted. Unfortunately, this can be more complicated in cloud environments than simply hitting a “delete” button. Additional copies of the data may have been created as part of disaster recovery or backup programs, and those additional copies may still be floating around.

CipherCloud’s encryption for Salesforce Chatter enables you to digitally shred every copy of your data whenever you need to by putting you in exclusive control of the encryption keys. When you need to get rid of data, simply destroy the encryption key. No matter how many copies of the data were made, none of them will be readable anymore.

Risk #3: Compliance violations caused by sharing of unencrypted sensitive data

What about data that’s only shared among those authorized to see it, and deleted Best-practices-salesforce-securing-data-CTAwhen necessary? Even that data can still fall out of compliance if it isn’t properly encrypted at all times. Employees who use Chatter to share sensitive, legally protected information with each other are putting their enterprises at risk of compliance violations unless a solid encryption strategy is in place. By implementing granular, policy-based encryption for Salesforce Chatter to identify and encrypt sensitive data on the fly, before it ever leaves the corporate perimeter, you can remain in compliance while teams enjoy all that Chatter has to offer. CipherCloud supports the full Chatter experience, including hashtags, @ mentions, and searching and sorting of data even while encrypted.

As you can see, encryption for Salesforce Chatter is a natural fit for enterprises’ cloud information protection strategies (see Customer Case Study). Historically, companies have found that protecting unstructured data, such as that shared over Salesforce Chatter, poses more challenges than protecting structured data fields. CipherCloud’s Cloud Information Protection platform solves those challenges, even in the looser, less structured environment of Salesforce Chatter

What problems could arise from not using Salesforce Chatter encryption? Tell us your thoughts in the comments.

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