2015 Black Hat – What to Look Forward to at the Event


Written by Chenxi Wang

Next week is the Black Hat conference again, the annual gathering of the best hackers and security professionals around the world. I will be in attendance with my CipherCloud colleagues. I am running a panel at codenomiCon, and we’ll be exhibiting our products on the show floor, at booth #766.

I always enjoy going to the Black Hat conference. Even with the searing temperatures that we are likely to encounter in Vegas next week, Black Hat is still hands down one of the coolest security industry events. Here are a few things that I’m looking forward to at the event:

CodenomiCon IoT Security Panel

August 4th, 2015; 5-10pm, House of Blues, Mandalay Bay

I’ll be moderating the “Security in the Age of IoT” panel with these panelists: Joshua Corman (CTO, Sonatype), Kevin Fu (Professor, UMichigan), Zach Tudor (SRI), Steve Coley(MITRE), Tony Vargas (Security Together). I’m looking forward to jabbing with these gentlemen, especially Josh, who has been on various panels with me in the recent number of years.

CipherCloud booth, #766

Wednesday, August 5th from 10am – 7pm, Thursday, August 6th from 10am – 5pm.

CipherCloud is introducing our new cloud security platform at Black Hat. Our team, stationed at booth 766, will be happy to demonstrate the power of our integrated platform across many clouds. You can see how we protect data, audit user activities, and detect anomalies across Salesforce, ServiceNow, Box, and many other cloud apps with a single, centralized control platform and console. My colleagues, David Berman, and Charles Kim, will be the two experts on hand to answer any questions.

CipherCloud Fun Giveaway

CipherCloud Fun Giveaway

Charlie Miller & Chris Valasek: Hacking an unaltered car

Charlie and Chris’ session is always entertaining. Earlier this month, the two demonstrated that they can remotely hack a jeep while the car is moving at 70mph on a highway. Chris appeared in my IDF 2014 session on IoT security, along with Josh Corman. His video of hacking a car was a big draw too for that session. Every year the two brings new hacks to light targeting smart cars. I should probably just hand my car key to them knowing that my car has a pretty darn big attack surface.

Marina Krotofil,Rocking the pocket book: Hacking chemical plants for competition and extortion

Yes, this is the title. Enough said. I will not miss this talk.

Tielei Wang, Hao Xu, XiaoBo Chen Exploit Neglected Attack Surfaces in IOS 8

Neglected? Say what? Are there attack surfaces in IOS the hacker community hasn’t covered? Nevertheless, this could be a worthwhile session.

Follow us on Twitter, @Ciphercloud, @chenxiwang, to keep up with our Black Hat activities. If you are headed to Vegas, we look forward to meeting you!